You Need Thick Skin To Make Extra Income Online

Making extra income online can be a great source of some mad money. I started creating blogs solely with the intention on making money much like I had selling garage sale finds on eBay and other online auctions over the years. One thing I have learned for certain is that you better have thick skin. The online world of making extra income is a pretty cutthroat business. Unlike brick and mortar businesses where you meet face to face or speak regularly over the phone with people, when blogging you are somewhat limited in your normal contact with others. During the last few months of experimenting with making extra income online I have met some really great people, at least I think they are great people since I don’t really know them. I guess that is speculation.

Through the course of my making extra income online adventures, I have happened across several contests that I have tried to participate in for the learning experience. Probably the most important thing I have learned is that if you want to make friends online blogging for extra income isn't for you. Now this isn’t to say that you wont make friends at the same time your making extra income, but the chances are your going to piss off more people and make enemies more often than not. I say this out of experience as a newcomer to the arena of blogging for extra income. As a newcomer you are going to post a comment, write a post, leave a link or ask a stupid question that is going to rub someone the wrong way. Heck you might even misinterpret someone else’s comments and get upset yourself.

What you need to understand is that when you enter the world of making extra income online you are becoming a competitor to someone who's entire lively hood may very well come from online resources. Those of us that enter this realm of making extra income online part-time and not necessarily a full time income need to be very mindful of this, especially when you first start out. Think twice about the comments you leave, the posts you make and the manner in which you get links. Unlike the real world most of the people reading your comments or post don't know or understand your humor, come from a different background, or speak a different language. While I'm not one to be overly politically correct, I have discovered, while making extra income online, people that don't know you take your words very literal and often times personal. The real business world can be just as cutthroat as the make extra income online world but the people you deal with have the advantage of seeing your facial expressions and watching your body language to fully understand the point of your conversation.

What in the world does this post have to do with making extra income online? Everything, If you don’t have thick skin, cant take criticism, and can't look at making money online as a business instead of a social event you will fail miserably. You need to be able to take a little abuse when you first start out until you find out exactly who might be an asset to your make extra income online venture in the future. The last thing you want to do is make enemies or lose a valuable resources for advice by leaving a post or comment without fully understanding the impact it might have on someone. Now quit reading this and go make some extra income.