Extra Income | How To Take The Buyers Money

I have discussed several topics here on how to get started making extra income selling through ebay. Today we'll discuss how to get your money from the buyer. I always like to offer the buyer multiple ways to pay for their items. To maximize your potential buyer base you need to take personal checks, money orders and credit cards. You will find that most buyers pay with a credit card. PayPal is the prefered payment method that most buyers use. Make sure to start your self a Paypal account and utilize all thier tools to make selling on ebay easier. PayPal is an ebay company and you can find more information about the proper use of PayPal on eBay seller forum and their website.

If you take personal checks make sure you note in your sale description that you will hold the item until the check clears. Never ship an item before the check has cleared your bank. We want to make extra income not give stuff away for free :) Hopefully by now you are well on your way to making some extra money selling your items on ebay.

Extra Income| Know What Your Selling

My last topic on making extra income covered knowing what to sell. Today I'll cover a little more about what to do after you have found a few items to sell. Nobody ever wants to sell something and find out he or she could have made more money if they had only done their research. Once you have your item at home you must do an eBay search on it to see if others are selling it and for how much. That will give you a basic idea of its value. In addition to that you need to find out some specifics about the item to post in your auction ad. Things to consider are who is the manufacture, how old is the item, what is its condition, and are there any specific terms used by collectors relating to the item you have? Things to look up on the Internet and resource books:

1. Where was it made and who made it?

2. When was it made?

3. Are there any unique features or characteristics that you need to know about?

4. Is there a collector market for it?

Everything you need to know can be found on the Internet on just about any item you have to sell. You can determine lots of information about an item just by looking for labels or marking that were put on by the manufacture. These markings will also help in determining its age. Maker’s marks, labels and company logos usually change over time. Learning these things about the item you found and relaying them to your buyers will definitely help you increase the amount of money you make on the item.
Once you have all the information you need its time to list the item for sale. You are now well on your way to making extra money by selling items on ebay.

Extra Income|Know What To Sell

If your looking to make extra income through buying items at garage sales and reselling on eBay, then you need to start learning what items are worth. How can you possibly buy something for resell if you don’t know its value? I had a bit of an advantage when I first stared, as I had been an auctioneer for several years.
Here are some easy ways to start learning the value of those items you plan on earning extra income from:
1. Go to local auctions- every town that I know of has a local auction house or has regular estate auctions. Attend a few and watch what people are buying and how much they are spending. Before the sale take the time to inspect the items and make a list of a few you think will do well. Remember you should focus on small items that are easy to ship. Record what they sell for and pay attention to the number of people bidding on them. The more auctions you go to the more knowledge you'll gain.

2. Buy some books- Dont go out and buy brand new expensive books on collectibles. You can usually find them at your local library or thrift store. Having these older books will help you begin to identify which things are collectible and which are not.
Dont pay much attention to the values given in the books, as they will most likely be out of date. Your buying these books to gain knowledge of those things that you can make extra income from not to learn their exact value. eBay will let you know their current worth.

3. Go to some local antique shops- one thing to keep in mind here is dont pay too much attention to the price but rather the type of items for sale. Often people who sell through antique stores price their items way too high for a quick turn around. We want to sell our items not create a stockpile of museum pieces.

These are just a few ways to begin to learn what to sell to make an extra income. If your creative and pay attention while your out and about you will identify other ways im sure.

Extra Income|More Money Through Garage Sale

Here are a few tips to get you started earning extra income. As I previously mentioned garage sales can be a great source of items to sell on eBay. Here are a few tips I have used to maximize my money making through garage sales.
1. Research spend some time going through the local newspapers, church bulletins and any other source of local advertising to find neighborhoods holding garage sales.
2. Focus in on the neighborhood garages sales. Were looking for quantity of possible places to find items to eBay without spending too much gas money. Don't forget your goal is to make extra money not spend it on gas.
3. Dont was time stopping at garage sales with lots of baby clothes and accessories, unless of course this is what you plan on selling on eBay. Typically young couples just starting out and usually don’t have anything worth reselling hold these garage sales.
4. The early bird gets the worm! With all the shows on PBS and all the eBay promotional ads you'll be surprised at how many people are trying to find items at garage sales just like you. Get creative I often go to the areas having garage sales the night before when they are setting up. This can be a great way to make some real good extra income. You will be surprised at how many people are willing to let you shop early and get all the goodies before most people have ever seen them. There will of course be those people that get offended and tell you to come back in the morning but try to get a look at what they are selling and decide if its worth coming back for.
5. Time is money! Dont waste time looking at every thing they have to offer. Remember you are out looking for items to make extra money not for a new pair of clothes for the kids. The time you waste shopping or talking to the owners the more likely the next garage sale will sell out of all the good stuff.
6. Organize your day. Before heading out the door to hit the sales make a plan. Again making money is the goal not wasting it on gas. If you take the time to plan out a travel route to maximize your time and miles you'll be in far better shape to make a big profit.
7 Take a change. To often people pass up items that will be big money makers on eBay because they are afraid of buying something that wont sell. Your at a garage sale take some risks and buy a few items on sheer speculation. That whatchamacallit you bought for a dollar might end up being your biggest profit maker.
8. Items to look for: here are some categories that always sell well on eBay. Any collectibles dealing with history, war, fishing, sports, NASCAR, coke, and Barbie to name a few will sell well. You'll learn as you go along what will sell and what wont. Since your buying it garages sales, the prices will usually be low and your change to make some extra income off these items is very likely
9. Buy for profit- before buying an item ask yourself can I double my money? Triple would be nicer but, I usually plan on at least doubling my money or I dont buy it.
10. Start small and simple. Stick with buying things that are easy to pack and ship. Remember you'll be selling on ebay. Nobody wants to try and box up a sofa and ship it across the country. Stick with the small items. They are easier to pack, photograph and advertise.

Oh yea I forgot NEVER buy anything damaged. You cant get a good feedback reputation selling complete junk. I hope this help you getting started making extra income through the use of garage sale finds.

Extra Income|More Money

Welcome to Extra Income More Money your site for tips on how to generate some extra income in your spare time. The internet has become a huge plus for helping parents, college students and others create a little extra income to supplement their regular paychecks. If you couldnt tell already I am one of those. While Im not one of the super Internet marketing guru's, I have done my fair share of creating money on the Internet. You've all heard this before, but eBay
is by far one of the quickest ways to get started. Find a few items you dont want or need any longer and just search eBay to see if anyone has sold them in the past. Chances are very high someone has sold the exact item you have. These items will be what you use to get started creating your extra income. Sign up on eBay and go through the sellers tutorial on their website and follow the step by step instructions and you will have an item sold in no time. In the past Ive been an auctioneer to earn income on the side but the sheer number of people bidding on items through eBay doesnt compare to what a live onsite auction can produce. If you havent tried selling an eBay
you wont believe how simple it is to sell your items. I started by selling items I found through local garage sales, auctions, flea markets and thrift stores. For creating extra money I found selling paper items like old postcards, magazines, and other types of paper products is very profitable.

There are some very basic rules you should follow to make sure your selling experience is a good one.
1. Protect your feedback.
2. Value your customers
3. Be honest in your description of items you sell
4. Always post a picture of the item.

Feedback is how your buyers rate you and is the most important thing to protect. Without a good feedback you might as well quit selling on EBay because you just waste your time and money. You can protect it by treating your customers like you would want to be treated. Answer their question in a timely manner. Always describe your item to the best of your ability. If your item is a collectible do a little research on it and know the lingo of the collectors. Whenever in doubt as to how describe your item or answer questions let the buyer know your not an expert and aren’t sure. Posting a picture of you item is the easiest way to ensure the buyer knows what they are getting. Buy a cheap digital camera or scanner and always make sure to post an actual picture of your item. This is just the beginning of what I hope to be a long series on how to create extra income by using eBay In future posts I’ll explain some very good tactics on how to maximize your earning potential through buying items at garages sales that most people don’t utilize.Click Here!

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