Extra Income | You Can Make Money On EBay With Out Selling Items

If you are not familiar with BANS (build a niche store), its basically a script that creates website specifically designed for EBay’s affiliate program

EBay’s affiliate program is much like any other affiliate program. You get paid in a couple ways.
1.When a user clicks on a link from your site and goes to ebay and buys an Item through auction or immediate purchase EBay pays you 50% of their a commission. Example: is eBay makes $5 you get $2.50

2.When users that have never registered to eBay sign up for eBay and bid on and Item. You get $25

BANS is software that helps you to create all the links you need to specific products on EBay.

What you need to use BANS with eBay

1. An eBay user account and affiliate account.
2. A web hosting account: I use Hostgator, as do many others with BANS sites. buy a Reseller account if you can afford it. I’m using a standard hosting package with my 10 sites right now but can see that I will have to upgrade if I keep making BANS sites.

3. A domain name. Currently GoDaddy is selling “.info” domains for $1.99

The strategy behind using Ebay’s affiliate program is to focus in on a specific product or group of products. For example Scissors there are many types, sized and brands of scissors. You could build an entire BANS site on just scissors.

Example : Left handed scissors, kid safe scissors, vintage sewing scissors.
This doesn’t mean your BANS site has to be limited to just 3 pages but you should have 3 primary keyword to get users to your site from Google. Once you have keyword authority for those primary keywords you can then start targeting others.

That’s the basic rundown on what BANS is all about. If you want specifics see this post on BANS

Once you have your BANS site up and running you work on getting backlinks and keyword authority.

Make Extra Income From Garage Sales

In several of my previous posts I've discuss how making money from eBay relies on finding items to sell from garage sales, auctions and flea markets. Some things to keep in mind when your hitting your local garage sales. Spring time brings lots of sports items to look for. Little league is starting, fishing season is just beginning in most areas, golfers will be going nuts from now until the end of the summer, family camping trips start happening. If you keep the season in mind when your looking for items to sell on eBay you'll be way ahead of the game. Sell things people need not just junk you think looks pretty. While antiques and collectibles always sell well they will never surpass the demand of an item that is regularly used by everyone. Used golf balls and used fishing reels are some of my favorite items to sell this time of year.

Make Extra Income | Using Hubpages And Squidoo

In several of my previous articles I have mentioned many different ideas to make extra income from home, online or through other means. Today I would like to discuss a little about revenue sharing. Revenue sharing sites are free web pages that allow you to create your own space in the web without having much website creation skill. If you can write articles, stories or other topic of interest you can use revenue sharing sites to create extra income.

Some of the most common revenue sharing websites are Squidoo and HubPages both of these sites allow you to create individual pages on a topic of your choice. Usually its best to pick a topic you enjoy or have experience with to make writing your hubpage easier. Let's say you are a coin collector, you could right about a specific coin, coin grading, or recent activities in the coin collecting market. Once you have your article created and added to your Hubpage or Squiddo page ads that are relevant to your specific topic will appear. Usually ads by Google, Amazon or other affiliate programs like eBay.

The income is generated by users reading your hubpage about coin collecting and wanting more information, so they click on one of the ads hosted on the site. The revenue that Squidoo or HubPages makes from the user clicking on the ad is then shared with you. The exact amount of revenue that is shared varies from one site to another, make sure to read the terms and conditions on your Hubpage or Squido page when you register.

The extra income you generate from revenue sharing programs or sites like this wont be a lot, but you might be surprised how it adds up over time. Like I've stated in previous articles eBay or the eBay affiliate program are probably going to be your quickest ways to make money, but if you like to write and have a topic you feel comfortable with Hubpages or Squidoo pages might just be right for you to make extra income.

Make Extra Income | Take Advantage Of The Economy

If you looking to make extra income through eBay, local auctions, garage sales or flea markets, now is the time. The US economy has many people and businesses scared for their lives. This fear means huge profit potential for you.

Anytime the economy gets weak retail outlets starts marking down prices on high dollar luxury type items. Electronics, computers, boats, and other non necessity items. This makes it a prime time to start looking for money making inventory that you can pick up cheap for reselling on auction. When the economy gets weak like this buyers start ignoring retail stores and looking towards discount sellers, eBay, and other non traditional retail options in search of bargains. Making extra income of these bargain seekers is super easy especially since they have turned their focus away from traditional stores.

Garage sales should be booming this year also as people are trying to make an exta buck to help with bills. My prediction is that there should be some very nice high quality items showing up that can be bought at a big discount. Boats, campers, and other types of high dollar non-necessity items should be everywhere. Don't forget you can sell large ticket items on eBay. Just because someone in your town has to sell their boat or pop-up camper, doesn't mean that there aren't buyers in other parts of the country willing to buy. I've made some real nice money selling fishing boats and motors on eBay.

The whole point of this post is to get you to focus on making extra income not worrying about the economy. Just like the stock market buy low sell high. You may find you can buy enough inventory during this economic down turn to keep you making more money the rest of the year.