Ebay Wants Quality Not Just Quantity From Affiliates

Ebay announced changes to its affiliate program as of Aug 1st. Ebay has decided to change the way it pays its affiliates for new user signups. Previously all new users that placed a bid through an affiliates link payed the affiliate $25.00. As of Aug 1st that will be changing depending on the quality of the user you send to Ebay. Ebay will base the payout for new users on how they expect the quality of that user to be in the future. The payout will give the affiliate anywhere from $1-50.00 for new users. The more active and valuable the new user is that the affiliate send to ebay the movr you will receive. This new payout structure will be for all new affiliates starting after Aug 1st. Those that have been affiliates prior to Aug 1 will continue on current payout for a few month to evaluate their traffic. Ebay's goal is to reward affiliates that send quality lifetime users to ebay instead of one shot wonders. This could impact your Ebay income drastically so please take the time to see how these changes will be impacting you. If you would like more information on the ebay affiliate program and how it can help you earn extra income you can find more details here.

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jason said...

not sure if this is a good thing or bad thing