Paypal Alternative For Ebay Sellers And Buyers

Paypal for years has been the dominant player for collecting payment online for ebay sellers. Many ebay sellers have been frustrated with the policies of Paypal since they were bought by Ebay. Now there is a new up and coming company called Revolution Money Exchanger. Not only does it offer similar services to buyers and sellers as Paypal, but there is a free $10.00 added to your account when you sign-up. I expect Revolution Money Exchanger to become just as popular as Paypal in next year. Revolution Money Exchanger is getting a lot of exposure through the Yahoo Fantasy Fooball leagues. Yahoo is giving away free add ons to their fantasy football leagues when you sign up for Revolution Money Exchanger from their site. Of course Yahoo is taking advantage of the referral fees you get from Revolution Money Exchanger to give away these services but who could blame them. In addition to being an alternative to Paypal for online shopping you will also receive an ATM card to use just like Paypal. Revolution Money Exchanger allows the emailing of money between users as well as other buyer and sellers tools. I for one have experienced the pains of having a Paypal account put on hold while they sort out security issues and was well pleased when I got my Revolution Exchanger Account. The best part about Revolution Money Exchang is that there are NO FEES unlike Paypal. Much like Paypal did when they first started Revolution Money Exchanger is offering referral bonuses in addition to the free $10.00 you get when you sign up. Its a good Paypal alternative program well worth looking into if your an Ebay buyer or seller in my opinion.

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